From a voice to a first impression

First impressions are fast but complex.
Within the first seconds of meeting someone many different cues are integrated to form a coherent evaluation. This phenomenon is known as spontaneous trait inference, or impression formation in everyday life. Humans have evolved to process self-relevant information efficiently to navigate their environment. Hence self relevant cues are evaluated rapidly and approximatively, in order to take decisions and behave appropriately.

Social and affective contexts, our goals, motivations and expectations at the moment of the impression play an important role in the construction of the evaluation.

In any situation, we use a set of “display rules” determined by education, culture, and the social environment, to adapt our expressions in the interaction. Indeed, expectations of someone’s expressive behavior are different whether it is in interaction with a lover, a colleague, a parent.

So we give you the opportunity to give your impression to voices in different contexts.