Privacy Policy

Updated 10.02.2020 and its wholly-owned subsidiaries believe that privacy is important to protect the user while navigating this service. This statement sets forth 300ms policy and describes how 300ms takes steps to guarantee the privacy of any information shared by the users of this site. Should you have any questions about this policy or our practices, please send an email to


Rights of user: the GDPR law ensures eight rights to users which you will find adressed in this privacy policy: the right to be informed about how your data is processed, the right of access, the right of rectification, the right to erase personal information, the right to restrict processing, the right to data portability, the right to object, the right related to automated decision making and profiling.



  1. Type of personal data we collect and use

There are five types of data we collect and use: (1) mandatory registration information (email, username), (2) optional registration information (gender, age), (3) optional biometric data (voice recording, maximum duration of 3 seconds), (4) ratings of other users’ voice recordings in three possible contexts, (5) averaged rating of your own recorded sound file in three contexts.

The type of personal data we save and use will depend on how you use website. For instance, only registration information (email, username) is required from any member of

The logged-in user’s voice recording is added to a database under his username, and is then displayed to all logged-in users. All logged-in users can play the voice recording and provide a subjective evaluation of how he perceives the voice in three contexts (professional, romantic, social).

It is not possible to choose in which context the sound recording is displayed, as all sound recordings will be displayed in all contexts.

All ratings (4) are recorded in a second database. A third database consists of averaged ratings for every users.

We collect and use registration information (email, username) to verify accounts and monitor suspicious or fraudulent activity and to identify violations of service policies. 

2. Security

All information is kept strictly confidential, and is stored securely.

Your encrypted (encoded) information is protected using “Secure socket layers” (SSL) as it passes between your browser and Only authorized persons can access your uploaded information.

No method of transmission is 100% secure over the internet. For this reason, and while we strive to ensure the best security for our users, we cannot guarantee its absolute security.

3.       How to review and change your personal information: right of rectification, erasure, and restricting.

Each logged-in member possesses a private page ( with a full review of personal information. Any disclosed information such as username, email, password, gender, age, recorded audio file, can be deleted and/or edited by the user. 

Any deletion/edition of recording is, as specified, non-revocable. Deletion leads to the systematic erasing of all associated data.

4.  How we use personal information that we collect online

 Personal information submitted to us through our website will be used for the purposes specified in this policy or on the relevant pages of the website.

We may use your personal information to: 

4.1. Create a profile with restricted access to only other logged-in users.

4.2. Allow logged-in users to play the sound recording relative to your personal profile

4.3. Allow logged-in users to rate the sound recording relative to your personal profile

4.4. Allow logged-in users to access the statistical representation of other users’ averaged ratings of your personal profile

Furthermore, we value privacy. We do not sell any personal information or data recorded on this website. We do not use your data for automated decision making such as profiling or credit scoring.


5. Cookies

While we (300ms) do not collect any cookie to operate our services, we use several third parties which can do so. In accordance with the EU’s cookie laws, we inform you that some cookies may be stored from third-parties during your navigation of this website that we do not have access to.


6. Portability

On request through the contact form, and in accordance with GDPR laws, we can provide all stored data for the user in a structure and machine readable format. 


7. Right to object

User can object to the further processing of their data if inconsistent with the primary purpose for which it was collected. 


8. Notification of changes

We will keep our privacy policy regularly updated and will place any updates on this webpage.


9. contact 300ms

We are happy to answer any question, or help you exercise your rights at any time. You can contact us at