Test what your voice sounds like

Ever had to make an important call, to make a video or to address a loved-one about a sensitive matter?

Ever wondered what your voice sounds like to others?

Ever wondered what it says about your personality, your attitudes, or if it matches your true self?

300ms is a platform that lets you record your voice and get a feedback, either out of curiosity, for fun, or for improvement purposes.  It uses public perception to assess your voice based on a short excerpt and gives you a feedback on what impression your voice creates. In turn, you can take a look at the other voices, and if you’re curious, look at our highlighted voices!


Ready? Let’s play it by ear…

Our vision

Voice is one of the most important communication tools. It can be used to infer personality traits, mental states, emotions or intentions like sarcasm. For listeners, it’s like a compass to navigate his social world. We have been studying voices and person perception for years, and now we’re making a tool available for all of you. It’s simple, you can record your own voice and get feedback from our community, or you can simply assess other people voice.


How does it work?

Step 1

Create an account and record your voice


Step 2

Listen and rate other voices

Select a context (professional, romantic, friendly), and rate what you think of voices in this situation

Step 3


Get stats on your voice and personality profile


Our Services

300ms is a free-of-use web platform to gain insight on how your voice is perceived by others. Like a personality test, but for your voice!

Personalised feedback on request

In addition to crowd-based perception of voice, we also offer an option to get a personalized feedback using advanced analysis techniques. 

– coming soon – 


Improving automated vocal analysis

300ms applies an analysis model based on state-of-the-art research in affective neurosciences, and offers consulting services to tech companies working on speech analysis